Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Nursery

We recently added some finishing touches to our nursery.  It's much cuter than the boring ceiling we painted, and I posted that, so I thought I would show off the nursery, too.  A lot of the same stuff has been here (or rather, in our previous nurseries) since the nursery belonged to our first child, but we've added to it with each baby. 

We have so many beautiful baby blankets that it seems like a shame to hide them in the closet, so we hang them on the wall.  Many of them are gifts.

I was nervous about hanging anything above the crib that could fall down and hurt the baby, so I made these picture frames  from fabric for our four babies' photos.

I painted this when I was expecting my first baby.  We were living in an apartment then, and I wanted a mural in the nursery, so I painted it on fabric so I could take it with me when we moved.

This was my husband's dresser in college.  Of course, it was less colorful then.  It was so beaten up and ugly that my sister borrowed it once for a prop in a play she was in that required a starving student kind of set.   I painted it when we moved out of the apartment to a condo and got our furniture out of storage.  My oldest was still the baby then.  The rocking chair behind it was from a thrift store.  It was ugly, too, before we fixed it up.  As you can tell, we don't have a big furniture budget.

We found this shelf, with peeling paint and most of the hooks missing, in the garage of the condo we bought.  I fixed it up and put it to use, displaying my babies' and my blessing clothes, a "Where the Wild Things Are" clock (made from a free medicine ad clock that I got from a sales rep) , and various handmade gifts my babies received.  Most of the gifts came from my sister, who is a gift giver extraordinaire.

Baby toys hang behind the door.

We found fan blade covers to make the fan look painted at Lowe's.    Later, my mom gave me a rug with the same colors.

Here is the more utilitarian part of the room.  We use cloth diapers at home and disposables when we go out and we can't convince our toddler to potty train, so we have two kids in two kinds of diapers.  So there is a lot of stuff over here.

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