Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Skipping Across the Soccer Field

My 6-year-old skips when he is happy. He often skips his way to class when I drop him off at school. I love to watch him skip across the soccer field.


This is his "favorite sport"

I think gymnastics is her favorite, but she also rocks at softball.  I am excited for softball to start up again in a couple weeks.
My kids did not inherit my complete lack of athleticism. (Phew.)

Monday, March 3, 2014

Baby likes...

Age 1
Washing Dishes but I do not love his help. It is sort of like a race, where I try to load dishes faster than he can throw them back out, and I often lose.

Showers:  If I say, "Shower?" my baby  enthusiastically tugs at his clothes and runs for the bathroom.  If I don't lock the door for a shower, a fully clothed baby comes in and joins me.  If I do lock it, an angry baby pounds on the door.

Mama and Dada and Nana--especially Mama.

The Parts of TV Programs that No One Else Likes: He drops everything and watches commercials and credits. (He likes jingles and theme music.)

Pinching the Cat or sitting on her. The poor thing doesn't fight back or run away. She just suffers.

Balls, especially tennis balls. They're bouncy and fuzzy!

Throwing Food on the Floor: Most toddlers I've known start throwing food when they aren't hungry any more. Mine does it the through the whole meal.

Anything with Buttons that light up and turn things off and on or otherwise cause chaos, like computers, TVs, phones and the dryer.  (My friends who have received emoticon instant messages from him can attest to this.)

Hugs and Kisses: He is a master hugger, who cuddles in with his whole body. He also likes to offer open-mouth kisses.  Often, when he releases from the hug, he goes back in for seconds.

Singing: He has excellent pitch!  But a limited vocabulary, so he sings nonsense words to familiar tunes.  His first song was "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star." Or "The ABC Song." It was hard to tell, because the tune is is the same.

Banging His Head Against Walls: No comment.