Sunday, November 2, 2014

Reflecting on Reflections

When my kids complain that they are bored during the summer, I often encourage them to do projects for the annual PTA Reflections contest. There are a bunch of arts categories and a child can submit to each category, so there is potential to keep them occupied for a long time with this.  I have also learned over the years that while droves of children at my kids' school submit drawings and photos, very few compete in categories like music or film.  My kids tend to come home from Reflections night well-decorated with medals, since they are often among the only children at the school to submit a project to one of the less popular categories. 

I just helped them turn in their projects.  This could be the year that they learn the hard life lesson that you don't always win.  Most of their submissions this year happen to be from the high competition categories.  

Here are last year's submissions:

My daughters song (sung) and my son's song (improvised on the piano).  (I set them to random kid-created video footage.)

My daughter's poem:

My daughter's multi-media sculpture:

My son's sculpture (just clay).

My kindergartner spent several weeks (in very short sessions to accommodate his short attention span) making this 10 second video:

In contrast, my daughter, on the night Reflections projects were due, became extremely motivated when she realized that her younger brother had a video to submit and she did not, so she whipped this out: