Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I'm glad I walk my talk

I have been working with my local state senator, Senator Osmond, on SB 112, a bill that would soften the very unfortunate work week law of 2011.  I sent a letter to the Salt Lake Tribune about it, which says:

Since it went into effect in September of 2011, the state’s five-day workweek law has added approximately 14,250 metric tons of carbon emissions into the air.

The law ended the state government’s four-day workweek, a common-sense measure to protect air quality that saved taxpayers $203,000 a year.

Now, we are all breathing in the results of this legislative action. Senate Bill 112 would not bring back the four-day workweek, but it mitigates the current law by allowing state agencies some flexibility to offer services by Internet or phone.

If you like breathing clean air more than you like waiting in line to fill out paperwork in person, support SB112.

Today I took a glance at the comments and one in particular stood out to me.  It was posted by someone who obviously knows me but I can't tell by the screen moniker or tiny profile photo who it is:
As I know who the letter writer is is can tell you that her home is Green. She uses Public Transportation, and even owns Natural Gas Vehicles (yes plural, and she still uses public transit). I know, bash away, tell her how she has forgotten this or that, but don't look into yourself for what you can do to help the issue. I am guilty, I drive a big truck, and don't drive all that far to work, I really do live close enough to walk.
That made me feel good about all that time my husband and I have spent updating our house to be eco-friendly, xeroscaping, shopping for environmentally-friendly cars, and taking mass transit when other means may have been faster.  I am surprised that someone else has noticed.  Thank you, friend.