Saturday, September 15, 2012


I was born with long, dark hair, so before I had my first baby, I imagined that my kids would have the same:

Um, no.  My first child looked like this:

She did have a tiny bit of hair, but it was blonde, thin and nearly invisible. By the time she was two, she only had grown this much hair:

These ringlets, that took so long to grow in, did not last long.  A week before her third birthday, she cut almost all of them off right along her head and dropped them one at a time into a bowl.  It was a premeditated crime.  Sometime earlier that week, she had stolen a pair of scissors from a high cupboard and hidden them in her room in preparation for the haircut.  So she was practically bald again, just like her younger brother, who was born with just as little hair:

Same goes for #3, but at least he had a different face than my first two clone babies:

By the time my newest arrival came, I had grown accustomed to blonde, nearly bald babies, so I wasn't expecting this:

Not only does he have hair, but it appears to be brown!  (My first three were all blonde.  The first and third still are, but my second child's curly blonde hair recently turned into straight, light brown hair.)

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