Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fun Fall Outings

Speed Art Contest at Thanksgiving Point
Several artists were outside with two hours to paint, draw or sculpt something. This was a great way to expose the kids to art. They got to see the process, instead of just finished works. My five year-old daughter boldly introduced herself to several artists and complimented their work. Actually, maybe it wasn't so much boldness as that she considered these adult, professional artists to be peers. "I paint too," she informed most of them.

Dirt Bike Party
My brother invited us to attend his company party, featuring an elaborate dirt bike stunt show. The kids were impressed. "Motorcycles bounced and bounced that sky," reports my two year-old.

The Zoo
Although they thought the animals were fine, my two bigger kids liked the "Asian Room" best of all, an exhibit with Asian instruments, costumes and tools, but no animals. Maybe they have more potential in anthropology than zoology.  The baby was most impressed by some flags.  (Those are what he is smiling at in the photo.)

Kite Festival at Antelope Island
My two year-old boy loved seeing the enormous kites in the air. He was so impatient to join in with his own kite that we had a hard time getting him to wait until after our picnic lunch. Unfortunately, right when we finished eating, the wind got so strong they pulled down all the kites and we didn't get to fly our own that day.

Thanksgiving Point Art Festival
Zoo Asian Room
Zoo, under flags
Antelope Island Kite Festival
Antelope Island
Antelope Island

Monday, October 11, 2010

Before and After

A good friend living in Virginia had a baby the same week I did.  She came to visit and they got to meet each other.
Seven Months Pregnant

Seven Months Postpartum