Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Summer Photos

Fall has arrived.  I glanced at Facebook yesterday and saw that everyone but me was uploading pictures of fall color.  Facebook was unusually pretty.  My neighborhood is getting pretty, too, but I don't have any fall photos yet.  Instead, here are some summer ones:

Tracy Aviary:  When did they remodel?  It is much nicer than I rememberer it from the last time I was there.

Here we are fishing at Hyrum Lake.  My husband, son and daughter each caught a yummy trout!  We have never had so much fishing success before.
My husband participated in a bike-athon in Logan.  While we were there, I wanted to show my kids where I went to college.  I limited the tour to the most kid-friendly parts.  I drove though campus to First Dam, a mountain park just a few minutes away from campus, and then came back to campus for some Aggie Icecream.

Here, the kids enjoy the Salt Lake City International Peace Gardens, which have gardens themed after many parts of the world.  I think they are in the Norwegian garden here... or maybe Finnish?

We used the "Pass of All Passes" to frequent Seven Peaks, Trafalga, and a bunch of Salt Lake Bees baseball games.  Here is my nephew and son at a Bees game.  This photo is unusual because one of my kids is actually watching the game.  They all love the ballpark, but mostly for the bouncy house, the playground, the train rides,  and the hot dogs.  I am not sure they have noticed that baseball happens there.

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