Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ceiling Makeover (Yawn)

I like to report on the exciting progress I am making in my house, but sometimes, I have to admit that I can't make it exciting.  This past weekend, we finally got around to painting over the kitchen ceiling, which was a mess:

The patch in the photo is from when my brother-in-law fell through the ceiling while helping us with some work in the attic.  We fixed it, and then my brother fell through the same place.  We need to put up some sort of caution sign in the attic, I guess.  The ceiling also had scars from where we had removed walls to expand the kitchen, and an imprint from where we moved a cabinet.  Apparently, the paint had faded to a slightly different color under the cabinet.

So now, after all that work, we have a normal-looking ceiling.  I won't even bother to post an "after" photo, because it is just a typical, white ceiling.  There's nothing to photograph.  If you hadn't seen it before the paint job, you would never have guessed we did any work at all.  The best thing I can say about this project is that now, no one will notice our ceiling any more.  Yippee.  So rewarding.

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