Sunday, August 28, 2011

Progress Report: My Child Development Projects

The One-Year-Old
My one-year-old has developed an interest in "helping" which makes it even more challenging for me to do any household work. I am sure he will lose interest in helping before he is old enough to be useful. My husband and I spent the last week building a patio, so my  one-year-old was constantly digging gravel with his little plastic shovel and placing tiny fragments of flagstone, announcing that he was "helping." He also said his first sentence during our patio project. He saw my husband in the bobcat and said, "Dad helping." He has wanted to join the nursery at church ever since we walked past it once just as the door opened and he got a peek at all the age-appropriate fun going on in there.  His dreams to attend nursery have finally come true.

The Three-Year-Old

My three-year-old is at an adorable, affectionate stage where he frequently comes to me to say, "Mommy, I very love you." (He tells Dad that, too.) He has recently developed a passion for the color orange, preferring to dig a  dirty orange shirt out of the laundry hamper over wearing a fresh, clean shirt of some other, inferior color. He loves to play piano, probably because we have the electric keyboard hooked to a laptop with cool, cartoon-filled piano instruction software. He also likes playing outside on the swings and the trampoline and is fascinated by the sunflowers that have recently appeared by his tire swing.

The Six-Year-Old
My six-year-old begins first grade tomorrow. She is transferring to a new school to do Spanish Immersion. At first, she was not pleased about going to a new school, but she has been excited about it ever since we took her to visit the school last spring and she verified that it was an adequate facility with a good playground, plants growing in the Science classroom, and acceptibly normal teachers. She has practiced her dozen or so Spanish words all summer. She enjoys being the ringleader, and lucky for her, her little brothers like following her lead. When it comes to parent/child relations, she is going through a whiney phase right now, which seems particularly annoying in comparison to her younger brother's current affectionate stage, but I am crossing my fingers that it will pass soon (her whiney phase, not her younger sib's affectionate phase).

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