Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Amusement Park Fun

My parents gave us and our sibs' families season passes to the local amusement park for Christmas. Here are some photos of us enjoying them.

My niece makes an impassioned case for my mom to try out a certain roller coaster.
Cousins ready to play
Hubby and Baby
My kids love reading amusement park maps, possibly because they are such Dora fans.  I think their cousins have less interest in the maps, but humor them.
Maybe I watch too many musicals, because this photo looked choreographed to me.  I picture my son singing, "Out there, there's a world outside this hick town, Barnaby..." or "O-o-o-klahoma..." or, with a bit of a costume change, "I can show you the world..."
My baby loves to watch the rides.  He is not such a fan of riding them, and since I believe that the sole purpose of amusement park rides is amusement, I don't make him ride any if he doesn't want to.  His actual riding repertoire is only three rides, since most of the few rides he has tried he hated.  He loves the Wild Kingdom Train, where he points out every animal he finds.  He also likes the kiddies cars (but refuses to try the baby boats).  His first ride on the carousel got mixed reviews, but the second time he liked it, and the third time and ever since, he gets angry when the ride ends and he has to get off.

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