Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Church Meeting Brawl Instigated by My Toddler

At church on Sunday, while other people where being quiet and reverent, my sweet little toddler unintentionally started a bit of a brawl.  It began when he tried to make friends with a two-year-old sitting across the aisle.  She was holding a cute little purse and proudly described the purse as, "Mine."

My little boy is at that stage of development where he likes to learn new words by repeating words he hears other people say, so he parroted back, "Mine."

The little girl was shocked at this apparent challenge for her beloved purse.  She clutched the purse more tightly and repeated, this time with greater vehemence, "Mine!"  My son repeated the word again, absolutely delighted with himself for successfully articulating the word a second time.

The exchange continued in this fashion for a few more rounds. My son was becoming more and more excited that someone was willing to chat with him during this annoyingly quiet and somber meeting, and the little girl was also becoming excited, but in a different way.  She started throwing in some other words like "no," and "bad,"  and my son was happy to practice pronouncing these words, too. Finally, she couldn't take it any longer and threw herself into a full force, screaming, kicking, temper tantrum.

This is when her father intervened and removed her from the premises.  My son sadly watched his new friend leave, appearing completely befuddled about her unexpected and sudden exit.


  1. That was mild. When my oldest son was a Sunbeam, there was about 4 other boys with ADHD or similar issues. They had a chair throwing incident! Then, there was the time they would not sit down for Opening Exercises in Junior Sunday School.

    Wonderful Memories.

  2. Shared. Loved. Hysterical.

    Thanks for the laughter.