Monday, May 2, 2011

My Baby Is One

The Loves of His Life

My two older children were socialites from birth, but my last baby is a Momma's boy. I am his favorite person and if he had his way, I would hold him all the time. (Honestly, he does have his way a great deal of the time.)

The Great Outdoors
Lots of babies resist walking on grass when they are first introduced to it. Not mine. He always loved to crawl or walk in grass. He also likes to pick grass, and find things like pine cones and rocks and flowers. When the doorbell rings, he hurries to the door and escapes through my legs. Even when the weather is bad.

The Cat
Since his birth, he has had a special relationship with our cat, who seems to think of my baby as her own kitten. Sometimes, I am impressed with how sweetly he pets the cat. More often, he gets over excited and smacks the cat or climbs on top of her, but she puts up with it.

His Greatest Life Challenges (so far)

He has been cursed with lousy skin, which is now under control with powerful steroid creams. When he was about three months old, his skin became so nasty that he couldn't sleep. He just stayed awake scratching and screaming. I took him to the doctor and another mother at the doctor's office confused me by complimenting me on my beautiful baby. He looked like a troll.

His Teeth
Or rather, the lack thereof. The poor child wants to try everything he sees or smells others eating, but we can't share most non-puree foods with him because he still doesn't have a single tooth to chew them.

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