Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mountain Cabin Vacation

We spent a long weekend with my family in a "cabin" in the mountains "near" Park City. (I put "cabin" in quotes because, while the place was made of wood, it was nicer and more modern than my home. It was "near" Park City in the sense that it was closer to Park City than anything else, but really it was quite remote.) We had a wonderful time. The cabin was surrounded by wildlife and amazing scenery and we enjoyed the family fun.

Roastin' Marshmallows
Can you go to the mountains without doing this at least once?

A Very Happy Baby
He loved the attention from all of his extended family fans.

Family Olympics
The Frisbee event, Pre-school division

My Pregnant Sis
Sitting out the Frisbee event

The Only Time This Happened
The two year-old boys are both calm and quiet.

Two Seconds Later
That calm moment is almost over.

Family Olympics
Bean Bag Toss Event

Rock Band
Yeah, we're rugged outdoorsy types.

Park City Excursion

The Only Ones Not on the Mountain Slide
A cripple, a grandma, a pregnant lady, and a baby

Squint at the Area by the Tree Trunk
A nest full of baby birds was located right next to the cabin. 
It proved very difficult to photograph.

Even Better than Wildlife
The cabin had an arcade. 
As it turns out, my two year-old really likes arcades.
Speaking of Wildlife
I spotted these two in the trees.

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