Monday, July 5, 2010

Has she seen too many Disney princess movies?

My daughter has suddenly become a silly, boy-crazy romantic.  I would suspect that she was beginning puberty, if she weren't only five years-old.

First, she begged her daddy to take her on a "date".  He took her to a buffet and reported that she hugged, kissed and cuddled him throughout.  After dinner, she asked him if they could just sit down and talk.  She used the chat time to daydream out loud about marrying Daddy when she grew up.  I don't think he clarified that such a wedding would not work out at first because he was flattered and then because he was suffering the effects of food poisoning from the buffet. 

My daughter clearly chose her dishes more wisely than her father, because she escaped any gastrointestinal upset and was ready for more romantic adventures. A week or two later, she told me that she had an exciting dream.  In the dream, she went to a birthday party at her cousin's house and met a boy in a blue-striped shirt.  She giggled, blushed  and covered her face when she told me that she and the dreamboy "fell in love" so they "played and played" and when they grew up, they got married.

Yesterday, a couple of 12 year-old boys stopped by our house collecting donations for our church.  While I searched for the check my husband had written for that purpose, my daughter flew in behind me announcing, "I can't believe I did that!  I just gave a flower to a boy!  I couldn't help myself!"  I returned with the check to see her forcing another gift into the reluctant boy's hand--this time a rock that she had speedily decorated herself with bubblegum or something equally icky.

I think she needs a break from Disney fairy tales.  Do they make action films for five year-olds?.

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