Thursday, June 21, 2012

Across the Wide Missouri

Conference Center Sculpture Garden

I make it a point to always check out some site at any place I travel for work.  This was difficult during my recent trip to Omaha.  Omaha does have stuff--there's Boys Town and an acclaimed zoo and pioneer historic sites and art galleries.  Unfortunately, my cramped schedule did not allow me enough time to get to any of these things during daylight hours.  However, in keeping with tradition, I did get a self portrait at the sculpture garden by the conference center.  I tried to get one by the Missouri River but failed to get a good one.  My self portraiture skills must be rusty.

It occurs to me that maybe I should  network, like you're supposed to do at these conferences, so I can make temporary friends who can take pictures for me so I am not stuck with silly self-portraits.  I do network, as is expected of me, all day long, but by the time the conference closes in the evening I just want a break from all of that.  Networking is exhausting.  I'll keep up the self portrait tradition, instead.  maybe I'll get better at it.
Missouri River

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