Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Utah Republican Leadership Hates Democracy

One might look at the title of my post and say, "That is just a resentful, whiny insult from a Utah Democrat."  Yes, it is both resentful and whiny, no doubt in reflection of my current mood. However, Utah Republicans themselves first declared their hatred for democracy.  Earlier this year, the Republican majority legislatively micromanaged Utah school curricula, requiring schools to indoctrinate children by teaching them that our country is a "republic," and not a "democracy." (In their defense, they did not go so far as forbidding former American presidents from using the D-word, so people like George W. Bush, whose rhetoric indicates that he is under the impression that we live in a democracy and that he believes that is a good thing, can feel free to continue to say so.)

Still, actions say more than words.  Are Utah Republicans doing anything now to demonstrate the disdain for democracy they bragged about while passing that ridiculous bill?  Merriam Webster defines democracy as, "government by the people, especially rule of the majority."

The majority of Utahns, about 3/4 of us, live in urban areas.  However, Utah Republican leadership has proposed a redistricting plan that makes urban Utah residents a minority in every district except one.  They say they are doing this to ensure that all Congresspersons consider rural issues.  "Rural" is simply code for "Republican," because rural Utah consistently votes Republican.  Only urban Salt Lake County, which is chopped into 3 different districts by the proposed map, has competitive races occasionally won by Democrats instead of Republicans.

In spite of all the talk about the importance of including rural areas in all districts, they did make one all-urban district.  It is dominated by Utah County, where Republicans are safe.

Are Republicans in Utah county really the only urban Utahns who deserve representation?  It is obvious that the need to keep rural Utahns dominant in all other districts is an effort to make sure urban Utahns, the majority of our state population, are ruled by rural, Republican Utahns. That is rule of the minority, which is clearly not democracy.

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  1. Sadly, redistricting is often made to favor who has control over that process.

    I am disappointed to here Republicans make statements like only Veterans should be allowed to vote, or only land owners be allowed to vote.