Monday, October 17, 2011

Pioneer Theater Now Free (with the purchase of a few thousand dollars tuition)

Last year, my husband and I agreed that we would each plan a date about once a month, so we would have two dates a month.  Shortly after we made this agreement, he bought us season passes to Pioneer Theater, thus planning almost all of his monthly dates in one swoop.  Since I love theater, I didn't mind at all that he took such an easy route.

We considered buying season tickets again this year but we didn't have to!  My husband is still doing his dissertation and this year the University of Utah made a new policy making all university arts performances free to students, all Kingsbury Hall performances only $5 for students, and Pioneer Theater performances are free to students plus one guest!  Woo hoo!

The first play of the season was Next to Normal, a musical I had never seen before.  I've seen a lot of musicals, because I am a nerd that way, but even when I do see a musical I haven't seen before, I usually recognize a lot of the music because I am a nerd who listens to show tunes.  All of the music from Next to Normal was new to me.  That was kind of fun.  And it was a fascinating plot, too.  It is about a woman with bipolar disorder and the play was shown from her perspective, so you see what she is seeing.  Very cool.

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