Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ultrasound Scheduled: Will we name the baby Hey-You?

In only two and a half more weeks, we will be able to get our first glimpse of our newest family member and, as long as he/she is not too modest, determine whether he/she is a he or a she.

If she is a she, she will be named on the spot. This was the case with both of my other kids. Before I even met and married my husband, I had a favorite girl's name in mind. Luckily, he liked it too. Early in the pregnancy, we also determined a favorite boy name so we were well prepared to announce her name with her gender. Since our first was a girl, we saved that favorite boy name for our next pregnancy. Early on in that pregnancy, we also chose a new favorite girl name. Since our second was a boy, that girl name has been saved for this child, if she is a girl.

The girl name we have chosen does have some strikes against it. It is kind of a long name, which I think precludes weighing it down with a middle name, but my husband fervently disagrees and so she would have a middle name anyway. Also, and even worse, it is on the top ten most popular names list. I dislike trendiness in child-naming. However, these disadvantages are worth putting up with because, when combined with our last name, this would give the child the exact same full name as my favorite character from my favorite book. How cool is that?

On the other hand, there is a fifty-fifty chance this child is a boy. We have looked into boy names. My husband likes some of them, but I don't. In fact, I am concerned that I may have already named my second child with the only boy name I like. There simply aren't enough boy names to choose from out there. The few that exist are over-used. And while I don't like trendiness, I also wish to avoid outright weirdness and unpronounceability.

So if he is a boy, he will be called, "Hey-You," at least for now. I hope we come up with something better than that before we have to fill out the birth certificate.

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