Thursday, June 11, 2009

Talking about talking

My one year-old's vocabulary is growing by a word or two daily now. For quite some time, I irrationally fretted about his lack of speaking skills, in spite of the reassurances of my husband, who is a speech therapist. My older daughter was always so ahead for her age that right-on-track seems slow. At his last well-child, I was quite surprised to learn that his current vocabulary of about 30 words was about triple the average 10 words for his age. Even Daddy Speech Therapist hadn't noticed the transition from right-on-track to brilliant orator.

Some Things My Toddler Says...
I love you (This was one of his first elocutions! Isn't he sweet?)
mama (This was not one of his first...sigh.)
papa (grandma or grandpa)
happy (He learned this one at big sister's birthday party.)
boat (He learned this one at his first fishing trip.)
oh oh
big (always referring to himself)
helper (also about himself. He says this when he passes me something useful. Or not useful. Or when he helps me do chores, such as pulling flowers while I pull weeds or unfolding laundry as I fold it.)
clean up
please (as a sign)
NOTE: So far, he does NOT say, "No" or "Mine." Keep your fingers crossed for me that we can keep this up...

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