Sunday, November 17, 2013


This past May, my oldest daughter was baptized.

Her dad baptized and confirmed her.

And her mom (that's me) planned the program and gave a talk about the baptismal covenant.  I was glad I had the opportunity to assign myself to speak.  I love teaching the concepts of mourning with those that mourn, comforting those that stand in need of comfort, bearing one another's burdens and standing as a witness of God.

And as a member of my daughter's Primary presidency,  I also made her a memento on the same topic.

Her aunt and grandma came from Arizona for the event.

Both participated in the program, with her aunt giving a prayer and grandma reading passages from a book about the Holy Ghost that she gave her as a gift (with a cover illustration that looks a lot like my daughter.)

My side of the family participated, too.  My dad gave the closing prayer and my mom and I sang,  Can a Little Child Like Me?  (My mom and my sister are also responsible for the adorable french braids.)

I asked my niece, the most recently baptized member of our family, to give a talk.  She did a wonderful job.  

The little brothers did not have any jobs on the program, but the oldest said a lot anyway, like, "My cousin is going to talk?   What is she going to say?"

I asked my daughter what songs she would like to sing, and she chose The Second Article of Faith, an odd choice for a baptism, but it was her special day and I wasn't about to veto her request.  We also sang When I am Baptized (a more traditional choice).

And we watched a couple short videos:

After her baptism, I went to help her get changed and found her in the dressing room, crying while grinning from ear to ear.  I am so glad it was a moving experience for her.

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