Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Halloween, Christmas, New Year's (Yeah, I'm behind.)


I let my kids use the camera to photograph their jack-o-lanterns.  It came back to me with orange goo on it, possibly from the pumpkins, but possibly from this abstract still life they made from laundry and peaches.  They may have potential as artists,  but I will not lend them my camera again.  (I ended up giving them cheap cameras for Christmas.  So my camera is safe, but my laundry and food may not be.)


I love the Christmas Sing-Along.  It's a great way to expose the kids to a live orchestra without forcing them to be quiet!

Someone did the 12 days of Christmas for us.  The gingerbread kit and play dough were among the gifts. So fun!  I wish I knew who to thank.

Wrapping paper was a big hit to my littlest one.
We tried to do a family nativity, and the kids spent most of the time fighting over who should be the angel, but the next day, they cooperatively staged their own without parental guidance.

My aunt and uncle host a delicious annual Christmas Day breakfast.  My oldest daughter has been asking me about if we could go there every few weeks since last year's breakfast, and I keep explaining to her that Aunt and Uncle's house is not a breakfast cafe and you can't just show up there anytime ordering food, but I am glad she enjoys it so much.
The kids got a camera for Christmas that takes silly photos and videos like these.

New Years

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