Sunday, August 5, 2012

Preschool Portraits

My son finished his first semester of preschool this past spring.  He still has another year left before school starts, so we had considered waiting until this year to do preschool.  However, he was just too bored at home all the time, so midyear we reconsidered and enrolled him.  Preschool was a hit.  On days when school was not in session he would complain to me that it wasn't fair that his older sister got to go to school every day and he didn't.

Here is his school portrait.  Adorable, no? Very unbiased individuals (his grandparents) have told me that he is beautiful and could be a child model.  In my equally unbiased opinion as his mother, I agree that he is an attractive child.  However, I question his modeling talent, since he is virtually impossible to photograph.  The other day, his father expressed similar concerns.  All of our kids are cute, he observed, but they couldn't be child stars because they can't take direction.  I was very impressed that the school photographer managed to get this photo.  When I try to take his picture, he squints and runs over to the camera for a fuzzy, extreme close-up.

His teacher also sent home some non-professional pictures of my boy at school activities.  It appears that whoever took these is better than I am at getting my son to hold still to be photographed, but the usual squint is there.

Fire Station Field Trip

Preschool Fiesta

The last time we tried to get a professional photo of my son, when he was three, he refused to be photographed at all.  This is the best individual photo we got:

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