Monday, March 12, 2012

The Dog Ate My AC Adaptor

I don't have a dog, so you would think that I would be safe from such catastrophes.  I ordered the AC adapter from Amazon.  It never showed, so I checked the tracking information, which reported that it had been left on my front porch.

I knew what that meant.  The house next door is not labeled with a number, so many a delivery person has assumed their house was ours without bothering to check the number on our own house.  I went over there to ask if a package for me had arrived there. A new person lives there, with a very large dog that he had to physically restrain as he answered the door.  I asked about the package.  Yes, he had seen one, but his dog had eaten it and all that was left of it were pieces of shredded plastic.

Amazon graciously agreed to send me a new one.  I asked if they could please advise the delivery person not to feed it to the vicious dog next door.  They can not make any guarantees to that effect.  Cross your fingers for its safety.

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