Wednesday, November 23, 2011


This photo is the only evidence that my toddler ever wore a Halloween costume.  He is not a fan of dress-up, so it didn't last long. I dressed as Tahitian; I didn't plan in advance and had to come up with something 10 minutes before leaving the house.  My husband's grandma had given us some lava lavas and shell leis from her mission in Tahiti.  One of my cousins totally impressed me by noticing that I was Tahitian, not Hawaiian.  I had forgotten that her college education was in Hawaii.

Town Halloween Party
My town (okay, its more of a suburb) sponsored a wonderful Halloween party, complete with face painting, crafts and food.  We brought our kids and one of my nieces.

My toddler won the cake walk.

First Haircut
The kid-friendly salon where I get my kids' hair cut was in the midst of the town Haloween party, so we stopped for haircuts.  This was my youngest's first haircut. Unlike his older brother before him, my youngest was not impressed with the haircut experience, in spite of the car shaped chair and the cartoons.  If it weren't for the candy, Halloween would have been a complete flop to my toddler.

Mom's Side Halloween Party
My Mom's side of the family used to have an annual Halloween party but lapsed for about five years.  I am so glad we started it up again this year!

It became obvious that we hadn't gotten the family together in too long when several people mistook one of my cousins for me.  She's adorable, even in nerdy Halloween glasses, so I was flattered.

My dad has a history of scaring my kids with his Halloween masks. Last year, my middle child would start to quake if he saw my dad's mask, even if it wasn't on.  My youngest had a different reaction.  He pointed and laughed whenever my dad put on the mask.


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