Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Breastfeeding Doll Controversy

A Spanish toy company will start marketing a doll called "Breast Milk Baby" to American retailers in a few weeks. The silly controversy surrounding this cute children's toy is yet another symptom of the perverted way American society views breastfeeding.

What makes a doll that nurses so much more offensive than a doll that drinks a play bottle? According to detractors, pretending to feed a doll naturally could encourage perversion, hyper-sexuality and teen pregnancy.  Exposing children to such shameful practices as breastfeeding should be avoided until the child is older, these detractors argue.

Yikes!  Shame on me, because I recklessly expose my own children to breastfeeding every day as I nurse my own, real life baby.  I can tell that this sinister practice is taking its toll because even without the aid of a fancy toy, I have witnessed my daughter pretending to breastfeed her dolls.

Don't worry, Breastfeeding Shame Committee, I am sure that my daughter's youthful, innocent enthusiasm about breastfeeding will fade.  By the time she is my age, people like you will help her feel so embarrassed about feeding her children naturally that she will consider less healthy alternatives.

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  1. April: Many girls pretend to breastfeed dolls. I don't know why some are so clueless that this is already happening.

    And, TopHat has wrote about breastfeeding in general: