Friday, April 15, 2011

Family-Friendly Fun in Vegas

Fremont Street
Someone offered to take our photo.
This is the only evidence I was there,
because I took all the other photos.
Lied Children's Museum
My baby loved the crawl zone.
We enjoyed a fabulous week in Las Vegas for our family vacation. We visited in March, when we could enjoy off-season hotel rates and mild weather. We stayed at Circus Circus. It had a great room and all-day buffet special going on. The kids loved the circus acts. (So did I.) Usually, I only spend a day or two in Vegas and don't have time to get off the strip. Since we were there for almost a whole week, we had time to visit some attractions I had never seen before.  Some of our favorites were the Lied Children's Museum and the Ethel M Chocolate Factory/Cactus Garden.  On the strip, the kids especially loved the lion habitat at MGM.  My 3 year-old had not wanted to go.  "I'm scared of lions," he told me, but as soon as we arrived he was enthralled.  He did not feel the same way about the volcano at the Mirage.  He assures me that he is still very much afraid of volcanoes.

Circus Buffet...yum.
No cooking or dishes all week=Happiness

A Walk in the Park
For me.
We didn't find out about my husband's
leg surgery until after we booked the trip.
I worked off all my buffet calories by
pushing my husband in a wheelchair,
with my 3-year old on his lap,
while wearing my baby in a backpack.
Ethel M Chocolate Factory and Cactus Garden

Adventuredome at Circus Circus
Midway games

Las Vegas Mormon Fort

Scipio, UT
My kids loved stopping here en route to enjoy the petting zoo.

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