Sunday, November 7, 2010


Both sides of my husband's family held family reunions in Utah on the same weekend this summer.  Here are some highlights:

My Mother-in-law's Side of the Family
This was the first  reunion I have experienced for this side of my husband's family, who I mostly know through weddings and funerals, since the family lives all across the country.  It was great fun.  We spent a day swimming at Cherry Hills, had a family talent show, and created an extended family scrapbook.

My Father-in-law's Side of the Family
My husband's dad's family gets together once every summer at his uncle's camping property in Weber County, Utah.  Since we reside in Utah, we attend this reunion every year, but it was nice to be able to bring my husband's mom and siblings with us this year, who all live in other states. The highlight of this reunion is always a delicious picnic, including dutch oven cooking, home-made root beer, and fresh produce. (This family includes some excellent gardeners.)


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