Monday, September 20, 2010

Baby Milestones

Any moment now I should be able to post footage of my baby's first crawl.  He has been working hard at figuring it out and he is getting close.  Meanwhile, here are some other "first's" to look back on.

First Smile
I have better pictures of his smile now that he is older, but when he first started smiling, the smiles were hard to capture on film because they passed by faster than the delay flash on my camera.
First Laughter
My daughter wanted to play choir director.  She asked me to sing high or low depending on where she waved her spoon.  I was holding the baby in my lap at the time and he laughed more than he ever had before.  Seeing the video, I know why.  I do sound ridiculous.
First Solid Food
Like his siblings before him, he grabbed the spoon and tried to feed himself during his first solid meal.

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