Thursday, April 29, 2010

Writing an Unwritten Rule

I thought this went without saying, but apparently not, so I am saying it: If you don't like the name I chose for my child, don't tell me! Please spare my feelings. If you need an outlet, I give you permission to talk about how weird or nerdy or whatever it is behind my back.

For those wondering, the first name comes from a Biblical figure and the middle name from a historical figure. Both namesakes initiated sweeping reforms in their nations. Combined, this name represents the courage, patriotism, creativity, integrity and intelligence of the role models who previously bore these names.

We wanted to choose a name that would make our son proud and serve him well throughout his life.  I hope we succeeded, but even if we didn't, negative feedback isn't going to do much good now that his birth certificate is recorded.

Once, while I was pregnant with her new little brother, I discussed my four-year-old daughter's name with her.  I told her she was named for her grandmothers and that her name meant "clever" or "curly-haired," which are both apt descriptions of her.  She giggled, beamed and shouted, "I love my name!"  I hoped I could get the same reaction from this new baby someday.

My husband and I put a lot of effort into choosing this name for our son.We perused many books and websites about name definitions, connotations, popularity, nicknames and namesakes. We checked family histories. We wrote lists. We sought a few key opinions. We tried calling our baby different names in utero to see what sounded right.

This particular decision was so difficult that we were still deliberating until the moment we filled out the birth certificate.  I admit that we weren't completely confident in our choice, but we certainly gave it our full consideration. So, if you think his name is beautiful or meaningful or charming, we need your affirmation.  If you think otherwise, please offer your silence.

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  1. We chose our kids names based on how they sound to us and what name just plain felt right--because that is what we wanted. I think it is great and even admirable that you chose names based on what you wanted. I personally like my niece and nephews names. I think you did a great job in picking them and I am sure that they will not only live up to the legacy you have given them but will add to that legacy.
    On a side note--it is nice to know that I am not the only person who is tactless sometimes--I mean--do people actually come out and say they don't like the names? Who are these people? Todd