Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Birth: Big Sister Reports

From the beginning of this pregnancy, my husband thought it would be wonderful to include my four year-old daughter at the birthing room. What a great experience for her to share with her peers and remember forever!  I imagined trying to give birth while shouting things like, "Don't touch!  Get down!  Stop that!" and was not nearly as enthusiastic about the idea.

I was relieved when the hospitals forbade visitors under 12 due to flu season.  Too bad that my kids would have to wait to meet the new baby until I came home, but well worth it so I would not have to consider having a four year-old present at the birth.

Surprise!  Just days before my new arrival arrived, the policy was revoked because the flu was vanishing.  The debate returned and continued right up until during my labor.  In the end, I gave in and said she could come, but only if Grandma and Grandpa waited to bring her to the hospital until I was pushing the baby out and if they would remove her if she distracted me.

As it turned out, this labor involved only five minutes of pushing--an ideal match to my daughter's attention span.  She was surprisingly interested and well-behaved through the whole proceedings.  The doctor was impressed; he had never met a child with so many intelligent questions about the placenta.  Most are scared by the blood. (I hadn't worried about her being scared; she never is.)  Afterward, she did describe the birth to her peers and it was adorable.  I caught it on this audio recording.

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  1. Sooooooo cute. I hope had to laugh at the visual of you pusing and telling her "don't"