Friday, October 2, 2009

Welcome, Hey You: It's Boys 2-Girls 1

The poor kid! We'll have to name him "Hey You" because we don't have a boy name in mind. When the tech turned the camera on, it looked as if baby Hey You was sitting in it and his gender was obvious. She hadn't asked us if we wanted to know and quickly redirected the camera, but both Mommy and Daddy saw it.

Sister's reaction: "But I wanted a girl baby! I will still like him, though."


  1. congrats on the new baby boy. let me know if you need help with a name better than "hey you"

  2. I'm so happy for you guys! Little boys are so fun! Of course you already know that since you have one. No doubt I'm just biased! LOL! Love the ultra sound pic! Funny thing is that I was thinking that Elizabeth Bennet would be a fun name...good luck finding a boy name that you like! Hope all is well with you guys!