Thursday, July 2, 2009

Weekend in Manti

We took the kids camping last week. This was a first for my one year-old. He was thrilled that we were sleeping in a big bouncy toy. Each bedtime, he would run around in circles diving onto air mattresses and family members.

The first night, he woke up in the middle of the night screaming. The next two nights, he slept well when he finally finished playing bouncy toy, but his sister woke up screaming.

The one year-old occasionally wakes up screaming even at home, so this was no surprise. But the 4 year-old? Where did that come from? I thought she would love sleeping in the tent. She helped me test it in our yard before the trip and she was so cute. She stocked the tent with a game, a story book and two apples (I thanked her for the apple, but had to let her know that we don't keep food in tents for safety reasons) and was so excited for our mother-daughter sleep-over.

On Thursday, we attended the Mormon Miracle Pageant. I have attended it once before, 12 years ago. At the time, I liked it but thought the style seemed a bit dated. I think they are still using the same script and soundtrack now and it seems 12 years more dated than before, but I still liked it for the most part.

We arrived late but got great seats near the front. The actors exaggerated all of their motions, for the benefit of people sitting at the back of the vast audience, I am sure, but from where we were the exaggeration was kind of funny. The special effects, however, were very cool from our seats--the fires felt hot!

It rained on us while we watched. The rain was warm and light, so it wasn't too bad, but it did prevent my one year-old from sleeping through the show as I had hoped. I ran laps with the impatient child through the whole thing. Not many people get that of exercise while watching a play.
We spent Friday morning at our campsite playing croquet and swimming. In the afternoon, we visited Manti Heritage Days. Oops. Based on the Internet description, I thought this would be similar to Riverton Days, Draper Days, South Jordan Days and other town celebrations complete with musical entertainment and carnival games. Nope. It involved nice, elderly people giving speeches about growing up in Manti. Hardly fare to entertain a four-year-old. Or me. Luckily, the one-year-old napped in his stroller until we left.

Saturday, we moved over to Palisade State Park, where we participated in another Rockin' Utah activity. What a great way to camp! The Park personel provided a yummy dinner and breakfast, campsite, a golf lesson, a fish-cooking lesson, rental golf clubs, and a couple hours on the golf course with a cart for the crazy cheap price of $10 a family. Plus, they sent us home with some new canteens, fishing gear, and a ladderball game. The kids liked playing with golf clubs and loved riding the cart.

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